Passionate about the Mountains and the Polar Regions, I try to escape there as soon as possible …

I started the hiking in 2008 in Chamonix. The love at first sight was immediate, I immediately enjoyed this freedom in the Great Outdoors and the spectacle that the mountain offers. This passion then developed further with my first “big” trek : the Tour of Annapurnas in Nepal and multiple hikes in the Alps. I also discovered mountaineering, which explores another facet of the mountain that is even more intimate thanks to the commitment it requires.

I only recently started to explore the (Great) North with, first, Iceland then Norway with Svalbard and Lofoten Islands and then Sweden with the Kungsleden. I do not stop to be amazed by this “region” of the world and all the possibilities of treks that it reserves.

Trekking is a great activity. We walk in the most beautiful landscapes that are, we take the time to savor, we think, we get lost. Introspection is strong when one escapes into the great inhuman spaces, it is time to discover oneself and to discover those who accompany you, as the Icelandic proverb says “the needle of the compass leads only to yourself”. It is also the opportunity to leave behind TV, internet and smartphone and to return to the basics : to move forward, to have warm, to eat …

I wanted to share this passion, thanks to this blog, through my notebooks but also thanks to what I learned on the ground. I hope you escape for the time of a reading, find ideas for an upcoming adventure or answers to your questions about equipment and preparation.

So walk, run, climb ! Escape to the mountains, to nature!