Fjallraven VIDDA PRO outdoor jacket - Test

Global mark 85%
Look 85%
Toughness 90%
Weight 55%
Practicity 90%
Waterproof 75%
Breathability 50%

The Fjallraven Vidda pro jacket is a jacket tailored for all outdoor activities. Durable and practical, it will satisfy you in your outdoor activities in all weathers.

Conditions de test

The Vidda pro jacket has been mainly tested during forest outings. It was also worn in a more urban situation which made it possible to face all types of weather (good weather, wind, (heavy) rain) and to test it over long periods of time.

Regarding dimensions, the jacket tested is a size M, I am 1.70m for 77kg. She is very good at the shoulders and in length. We could find it a little wide at the bust but in my opinion it gives a certain comfort especially if you wear thick layers of clothing underneath like a big wool sweater for example.

Global informations

  • Brand : Fjallraven
  • Price : 284.00€
  • Weight : 850g
  • Material : G1000 ECO
  • Colors : "Dark Olive",  "Deep forest", "Dark grey/black", "Black" (tested color) et "Dark navy"
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Very subjective point but which also has its importance. I find the jacket pretty. It is well cut and simple in the good sense of the word. There are many pockets present but they do not spoil the overall look. Note the well-worked details such as the leather tabs and the push buttons with the image of the brand logo.


The vidda pro is well cut. As I said before, the cut is a little wide at the bust but it does not interfere in any way and allows you to wear a second thick layer like a big wool sweater for example. The sleeves are long enough not to go up if the arms are extended. The jacket does not impose constraints on freedom of movement as long as these remain “normal” (it is not a mountaineering jacket for example).

The length is very good, the jacket descends on the buttocks thus protecting well from the wind and friction of the bag.

Materials and Robustness

Like most Fjallraven products, the jacket is made of G1000 Eco, a solid and durable material. I use the jacket almost every day and not a point of wear in sight. If I compare to other products of the brand, I do not have any worries when it comes to keeping time.

Most of the “structural” seams are lined, guaranteeing additional durability. The shoulders seem doubled for more resistance.

The jacket in detail

The Vidda pro is a well finished jacket that offers a multitude of practical details

  • The sleeves are wide enough to be worn over a pair of gloves. They are closed by a press button with two positions.
    The jacket is not ventilated on the sides but given the objective of its design this is not surprising. We will rather use it in the intermediate season.
  • The central zipper is two-way which is always practical, it is also “doubled” by a flap with press studs ensuring a good seal. All zippers are YKK brand and have a tab for easy handling.
  • The jacket has 8 pockets: 4 in the low position (two with vertical zipper and two horizontal opening with a press button) and 4 in the chest position (idem: two pockets with horizontal opening with a press button and two with vertical opening with zip.). The pockets are all protected by a flap that protects well from the rain. They are large and can store a large amount of material, including “horizontal opening” pockets. There is largely an IGN card (in height) or gloves or a hat. They also offer a clever system of loops for attaching equipment such as gloves or a knife. The only flaw, the position of the bottom pockets makes them unusable or uncomfortable when using a waist belt bag. This jacket is not cut for long-distance hiking at this level. Note: there is no inside pocket.
  • The hood is effective but I have noticed several times that it does not ideally cover the face. I wear a bun that shifts it may be a little behind but I think a small ledge projecting more forward would have been welcome.
  • To protect yourself from the wind, a drawstring tightens the bottom of the jacket.

Waterproofness and breathability

The jacket offers a good seal. I took a few good showers and I didn’t have any worries about leaks. Just a little water that came in through the opening of the hood at one time but I put it wrong.

I did not have the “pleasure” to test the jacket under the long showers but I think that it will defend itself well even if it will always end up crossing.

The seal can still be improved thanks to the brand’s Greenland Wax wax, but I haven’t found it useful to use it yet.

Regarding the wind resistance, there is not much to complain about. We are well protected at the bust and buttocks. We could however appreciate a slightly higher collar to prevent air from entering the neck when it blows from the front.


The jacket is available at € 284 on the Fjallraven site. Even if this is a substantial sum, I do not find it excessive if we take into account the durability of the jacket and its finish.


We like :

  • The style
  • The cut a little wide to wear a good lining
  • Accessories: pockets, accessory holders
  • Sealing
  • All the little practical details brought to the jacket

We dislike :

  • The hood (not very covering on the face)
  • No inside pocket

If you are looking for a nice jacket to walk in the forest, do bushcraft or any other outdoor activity then the Vidda pro is for you. The jacket has no major faults and performs its functions brilliantly.